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Goat Funded Trader Review


In summary, starting your trading journey with Goat Funded Trader guarantees an exhilarating exploration of proprietary trading. Distinguished by the opportunity to oversee simulated funds of up to $800,000, this company presents a distinctive fusion of challenge and potential.



Goat Funded Trader Prop Firm

Established in May 2023, Goat Funded Trader emerges as a burgeoning proprietary trading entity, swiftly gaining momentum in Spain. Presenting an array of four unique funding avenues for traders, their offerings encompass three two-step evaluations and a streamlined one-step evaluation process. Delve deeper into their funding programs, trading objectives, and global regulatory insights tailored to empower traders worldwide.


  • Up to 95% profit split.
  • No minimum trading days.
  • Profit withdrawal on demand.
  • Comprehensive evaluation process.
  • Supports various trading styles.
  • Offers up to $800,000 in funding.
  • Profit split of 15% for evaluation stages
  • No time limitations
  • No restrictions on trading style
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed
  • 6% profit target on classic challenge
  • Leverage 1:100


  • Initial fees may be a barrier for some.
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Who are Goat Funded Trader?

Goat Funded Trader stands out as a proprietary trading firm providing a platform for ambitious traders to showcase their skills and potentially earn significant profits. The company offers a structured evaluation process that enables traders to qualify for managing substantial simulated funds. With a keen focus on discipline and risk management, Goat Funded Trader endeavors to nurture a community of successful traders capable of confidently navigating the complexities of the market with precision.



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Who is the CEO of Goat Funded Trader?

Edoardo Dalla Torre, a 25-year-old day trader and entrepreneur, hails from a quaint town in Italy. His path diverged unexpectedly at the age of 14 when he was recruited to play basketball in the USA. However, financial constraints forced his family to halt his basketball career, prompting his return to Italy at 18.

Back in Italy, Edoardo observed a stark contrast in living standards compared to the USA. This realization ignited his determination to pursue trading as a career and strive for his desired lifestyle. Despite the setback in his basketball aspirations, he remained steadfast in his commitment to making trading his profession, dedicating himself entirely to honing the requisite skills.

Several years later, Edoardo's entrepreneurial journey took a pivotal turn when he discovered proprietary trading firms. Through relentless dedication and hard work, he successfully secured funding exceeding $1,000,000 in capital, a remarkable achievement that propelled his journey forward. Inspired by this milestone, he founded GOAT Funded Trader, marking a significant milestone in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Goat Challenge – How it Works

At Goat Funded Trader, we present our distinctive challenge model, structured around a meticulous two-phase assessment process. Traders are tasked with showcasing their prowess within a simulated environment, navigating through the intricacies of our evaluation phases to demonstrate their trading acumen.

Funded Next Funding Models

What makes Goat Funded Trader different from other prop firms?

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6% Profit Target

Goat Funded Trader presents an exceptional 6% profit target within their classic challenge, setting a benchmark within the industry. This impressive target remains consistent across both phase 1 and phase 2 of the challenge, showcasing Goat Funded Trader's commitment to excellence.

FundedNext Prop Firm Review

No Time Limit on Challenge Phase

Goat Funded Trader offers a unique approach to funding challenges that sets it apart in the trading industry. Unlike many other platforms, Goat Funded Trader provides funding challenges with no time limits, allowing traders the freedom to operate without the stress of meeting strict deadlines. This feature enables traders to focus on their strategies and make informed decisions without the pressure of time constraints.

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High Profit Share

Traders at Goat Funded Trader have the opportunity to claim up to 95% of the profits they generate, showcasing an enticing profit-sharing model. Initially, the profit split begins at 75% and escalates with each subsequent payout.

Let’s go over how the Goat profit split system works.
First Payout – 75% profit share, available 30 days after placing the first trade.
Second Payout 80% profit share, available 14 days after the previous payout.
Third Payout – 85% profit share, available 14 days after the previous payout.
Fourth Payout – 90% profit share, available 14 days after the previous payout.
Fith Payout (and beyond) – 90% – 95%* profit share, available every 7 days.

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Weekly Payouts

As you continue to successfully withdraw funds, the waiting period between payouts diminishes. Once you've completed four withdrawals, you'll gain access to weekly payouts, streamlining the process for your convenience.

Goat Funded Trader Pay-out Proof

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Which brokers do Goat Funded Trader use?

Goat Funded Trader operates in partnership with Think Markets, a renowned brokerage firm known for its exceptional services and benefits.

Think Markets distinguishes itself by offering zero commissions, eliminating additional costs typically associated with trading activities. Moreover, traders can benefit from competitive average FX spreads of 1.2, ensuring cost-effective trading conditions.

This collaboration provides Goat Funded Trader users with access to a reliable and cost-efficient trading environment, empowering them to execute their strategies with confidence while enjoying favourable trading conditions.

Top 5 Goat Funded Trader Customer Reviews

They don't deny payouts
They don't deny payouts. I've seen what payout denials are with other propfirms,(hidden rules, being singled out and getting breached out of nowhere )nah they don't do that here. They pride themselves in their traders and should any trader have issues with getting a withdrawal, it definitely gets resolved in no time. Professionals at work.
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Experienced Trader

Quick payouts, Raw spread, Fast support
Joined very hesitantly because of the overwhelming discounted promotions, credentials were sent almost instantly for phase one any support issues were very quickly answered via discord or live chat. Phase 2 was sent instantly upon completion, funded account was sent about 3 days after passing phase 2 for first time payout on demand I needed a minimum of 3% profit achieved it and received it with my challenge refund even on Easter Sunday! Was very surprised and delighted at payout even on a holiday, great team and CEO regularly messages on discord. Add-on weekly payouts if you want faster it's worth it, spreads on Match Trader for crypto is almost zero and think trader let's you trade directly from trading view with raw spreads. Perfect!
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‍Experienced Trader

I see people complain about slow support response on the discord server, but the truth is, the live support works just fine. I wish the overall drawdown limit of the one phase challenges was higher, but again the fees are competitive. And the 24 hour payout from first trades compensates for the ODD. If every trader can get a feel of their first profit immediately I believe the rest trading decisions will be rational.
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‍Experienced Trader

100% GOAT!
Smooth experience so far. Had an 8k challenge account with them and the trading was solid! Fast execution with 0 spread. Although their online chat support takes time to respond to my inquiries but they do respond you just have to wait probably an hour 😂 beside that everything is awesome. Will get a new challenge account soon since I have already blown my first 8k account.
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Hans Kimball A
‍Experienced Trader

Easy challenge rules and payout on demand
Easy challenge rules and guess what, no evidence of payout denial ever. With payout on demand, you do not have to wait for weeks or a monthly till payout. GFT has earned the trust of traders in the prop firm industry.
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Oluwatobi O
‍‍Experienced Trader


This company shows promising potential in the trading industry. Unlike traditional platforms that primarily rely on fees, their unique approach focuses on identifying profitable traders to emulate. This strategy enables them to extend remarkable benefits to traders, including an exceptionally high profit share.

Their rules are designed to accommodate a wide range of traders, and their pricing aligns competitively with industry standards. Additionally, their partnership with Think Markets, a reputable brokerage, ensures traders receive excellent trade execution.

We'll be closely monitoring this company and will provide the community with regular updates as they continue to evolve.

Please note that the information in this review was last updated on April 24, 2024, at 10:24.

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