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The5%ers is a unique proprietary trading firm that funds and supports exceptional traders, emphasizing profit generation and risk management.



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Are you seeking an insightful The5%ers review? Look no further. The5%ers stands out by offering distinctive pathways to amplify your career. With a remarkable hyper-growth plan, it's your opportunity to supercharge your capital and secure impressive profits. Regardless of your background or origin, The5%ers fosters your journey to financial liberty.

Earning substantial profits becomes achievable as you expertly handle account sizes, with a remarkable upper limit of $4,000,000. What's more, you can concurrently enroll in three accounts, opening doors to a remarkable earning potential. The icing on the cake? Opt for a funding program and reap enticing rewards, ranging from a generous 50% to an astonishing 100% profit split.

Embark on this lucrative venture through strategic trading across forex pairs, commodities, and indices. The5%ers offers you the platform to turn your skills into a profitable reality. Discover limitless possibilities with The5%ers – Read the comprehensive review today.


  • Real accounts
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5
  • Up to $4,000,000 funded account
  • Bootcamp 50% profit share up to 100%
  • Instant funding
  • Unlimited time period for all funding programs
  • Traders community
  • News trading allowed
  • Overnight & over the weekend holding allowed
  • Algo trading allowed
  • Live trading room for their clients
  • Instant payouts, upon request


  • Low leverage 1:10 & 1:30
  • 2% Max stop loss risk limit on low-risk and $100k Bootcamp account types
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Who are The5%ers?

The5%ers, a privately owned company headquartered in London, UK, operates with a unique approach. They present immediate funding account options, each characterized by either low-risk or high-risk features. These options encompass funding account sizes of $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000, which are expandable to a substantial $4,000,000.

Moreover, they offer an intensive two-step assessment program for those interested in higher stakes. Additionally, The5%ers provide the choice of a Bootcamp challenge model with tiers of $100,000 or $250,000, capable of growing to a substantial $4,000,000 in size.

Their trading platform of choice is MetaTrader 5, while they collaborate with third-party brokers for trading purposes.



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Who is the CEO of The5%ers?

Gil Ben Hur serves as the originator and CEO of The5%ers' groundbreaking funding and advancement initiative. This initiative represents an inventive and exclusive trading firm framework. With a substantial background in the forex trading sector, Gil Ben Hur has functioned as a dedicated individual forex trader since 2007. His expertise lies in the domains of order flow and price-action methodologies.

Beyond his trading proficiency, Gil Ben Hur enjoys a solid reputation as a trading mentor and former manager of private investors' portfolios. His voyage into the realm of proprietary trading firms commenced in 2016 with the launch of The5%ers, a venture that achieved remarkable success. This distinct trading platform extended an exceptional opportunity to forex traders worldwide, enabling them to engage in trading with larger capital sums. Simultaneously, it furnished an incredible avenue for career advancement, essentially presenting an outstanding scaling strategy.

Funding Options

The5%ers offers its traders three different programs to choose from:

  • Instant funding program accounts
  • High-stake challenge
  • Bootcamp program account

Instant funding program accounts

The Instant Funding Program Account by The5%ers offers traders the opportunity to bypass the evaluation phase entirely and begin earning right from the outset. The primary focus should be on avoiding breach of the 3% daily pause and the 6% maximum loss regulations. Notably, there are no obligatory maximum trading day stipulations for achieving level 1. Traders operating within this program can secure profit splits ranging from 50% to 100%, contingent on the profits generated while trading with a leverage of 1:30.

Instant funding program account scaling plan

The Instant Funding Program Accounts also feature a scaling plan, detailed in the provided spreadsheet. To qualify for scaling your account, you're only required to attain the profit target designated for your specific instant funding level. Another advantageous aspect to consider is that your withdrawal activities will not impede the potential for scaling up your account. Eligibility for scaling emerges once your cumulative profits align with the 10% profit target.


  • The profit target for this account type is set at 10%.
  • Initial 14-day period: Achieve a 4% gain and withdraw 50% of the profits.
  • Subsequent 14-day period: Attain a 7% gain and withdraw 50% of the profits.
  • Accumulated profits now total 11%, rendering you eligible for scaling up due to surpassing the 10% profit target.
  • Within the instant funding program account, trading instruments encompass forex pairs, metals, and indices.

Instant funding program account rules

  • Profit target is a specific percentage of profit that a trader is required to obtain before they can complete an evaluation phase, withdraw profits, or scale their account. The profit target for all scaling levels is 10%.
  • Maximum loss is the maximum loss a trader can reach overall before the account is violated. All account sizes have a maximum loss of 6%.
  • Daily pause is a loss protection that helps traders avoid significant losses. When the daily pause level is hit, all open trades get closed, and the account remains disabled until the next trading day. All account sizes have a daily pause of 3%.
  • Third-party copy trading risk means that if you intend to use copy trading services, you should keep in mind that by using a third-party copy trading service, there might be other traders that are already using it and therefore exactly the same trading strategy. By using a third-party copy trading service, you potentially run the risk of being denied a funded account/withdrawal if you exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.
  • Third-party EA risk means that if you intend to use an EA, you should keep in mind that by using a third-party EA, there might be other traders that are already using it and therefore using exactly the same trading strategy. By using a third-party EA, you potentially run the risk of being denied a funded account/withdrawal if you exceed the maximum capital allocation rule.

High stake funding

The high-stakes challenge by The5%ers is designed to pinpoint skilled and dedicated traders, duly rewarded for their unwavering performance during a comprehensive two-phase assessment period. Through the evaluation program account, participants can engage in trading activities with an advantageous leverage of 1:100. This initiative showcases The5%ers' commitment to nurturing trading excellence and proficiency.

The evaluation's initial phase necessitates traders to achieve an 8% profit target while adhering to both the 5% maximum daily loss and the 10% maximum loss constraints. Within this phase, the profit target is attainable within an unlimited timeframe. However, a minimum of three profitable days is required for advancement to phase two.

Transitioning to evaluation phase two, traders aim for a 5% profit target while maintaining the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss parameters. Similar to phase one, the profit target can be reached over an unrestricted period. An essential requirement remains the presence of a minimum of three profitable days before progressing to a funded account. Successful completion of phase two prompts a refund on the account payment.

Upon conquering both evaluation phases, a funded account is granted, accompanied by a minimum withdrawal policy of $150. Adherence to the minimum of three profitable days rule applies to both evaluation stages. Equally vital are the compliance with the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss regulations. Initial payout occurs 14 calendar days after the debut trade on the funded account, followed by bi-weekly payouts. The profit division stands at 80% based on the account's earned profits, potentially escalating up to 100% with an added monthly salary for those meeting specific scaling criteria.

Scaling within the high-stake challenge is regulated by a scaling plan, demanding a 10% profit target to ascend to the next account level. Scaling can be initiated once per pay period, and withdrawals maintain no impact on the account's potential to scale up. Eligibility for scaling materializes once total profits equal or exceed the 10% profit target.


  • Account type's profit target: 10%
  • First 14-day period: Attain 4% profit, withdrawing 80% of it.
  • Second 14-day period: Garner 7% profit, withdrawing 80% of it.
  • Cumulative profits reach 11%, enabling scaling due to surpassing the 10% profit target.
  • It's important to note that both account balance and profit split experience increments as outlined in the following table.

Trading instruments integral to the high-stakes challenge encompass forex pairs, metals, and indices.

Guidelines for the High-Stake Challenge

  • The profit target denotes a specific profit percentage that traders must achieve before concluding an evaluation phase, making profit withdrawals, or considering account scaling. Phase 1 necessitates an 8% profit target, while Phase 2 entails a 5% profit target. Funded accounts demand compliance with the minimum withdrawal policy.
  • Maximum daily loss signifies the utmost allowable daily loss for a trader's account before violation occurs. Across all account sizes, the maximum daily loss is capped at 5%.
  • Maximum loss indicates the highest permissible overall loss for a trader's account before violation ensues. Irrespective of account size, the maximum loss threshold stands at 10%.
  • A profitable trading day denotes a day wherein closed positions yield a positive profit of at least 0.5% of the initial balance. (Positive profit is calculated as follows: Minimum of Midnight Balance and Midnight Equity – Previous Day Balance)
  • The "no news trading" policy dictates that traders are prohibited from engaging in trades during high-impact news releases. A restraint is imposed on opening and closing trades within 2 minutes prior to and post the news release.
  • Third-party copy trading risk cautions traders intending to use copy trading services. These services might involve traders employing identical trading strategies due to shared third-party platforms. Utilizing such services can potentially lead to denial of a funded account or withdrawal if the maximum capital allocation rule is exceeded.
  • Third-party EA risk advises traders considering third-party EAs. Similar to copy trading, using a third-party EA might involve adopting strategies identical to those of other traders on the same platform. Employing such EAs carries the potential risk of being denied a funded account or withdrawal if the maximum capital allocation rule is surpassed.

Bootcamp Program Account

The Bootcamp program account by The5%ers offers an accessible entry point for traders to demonstrate their trading prowess. It involves paying a portion of the total fee as an initial entry cost, with the remaining portion due upon the completion of your demo stages. This structure allows traders to engage in the challenge without substantial upfront investment.

The showcased demo stages entail an entry cost of 95€ for the $100k Bootcamp account or 225€ for the $250k Bootcamp account. Within these stages, traders can operate with a leverage of 1:10, devoid of mandatory minimum trading days or trade quotas. Aiming for a 6% profit target in each of the three demo stages, participants must adhere to a maximum loss threshold of 5%. Notably, the demo stages impose no restrictions on maximum trading days. However, account expiration is slated for 21 days of inactivity.

Additionally, traders are required to uphold stop-losses for all positions, ensuring that no more than 2% of the initial account balance is at risk. Breaching this requirement more than three times will result in account termination. Upon successful completion of all three demo stages, traders gain eligibility to progress to live trading stages, enabling account scaling and profit accrual.

For the live trading stages, there's a single fee applicable: 205€ for the $100k Bootcamp account or 350€ for the $250k Bootcamp account. This fee comes into play after successfully completing the three demo account stages. Operating within the live trading stages permits a leverage of 1:10, and traders become eligible for account growth upon achieving a profit target of 5%. The extent of profit sharing depends on the specific live trading stage, with rewards ranging from 50% to a full 100% profit split.

Bootcamp Program Account Regulations

  • The profit target designates a specific profit percentage that traders must attain before they can conclude an evaluation phase, make profit withdrawals, or consider account scaling. For demo stages, the profit target stands at 6%, whereas in the live trading stages, it's 5%.
  • Maximum loss represents the highest allowable cumulative loss for a trader's account before a violation occurs. Demo stages have a maximum loss threshold of 5%, whereas the live trading stage imposes a maximum loss cap of 4%.
  • The "Stop-loss required" guideline mandates that traders must set a stop-loss for every position prior to initiating a trade.
  • "Stop-loss risk per position" specifies that traders must establish a percentage-based stop-loss for each position before initiating a trade. This requirement mandates a 2% stop-loss risk for each position.

What makes The5%ers different from other prop firms?

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No Limitations on Trading

Absolutely, within this context, traders are granted complete freedom and flexibility in shaping their trading strategies. The platform places no restrictions on how traders choose to assemble their collection of assets or the specific trading methods they adopt. This level of autonomy allows traders to leverage their individual strengths and preferences, tailoring their approach to align with their expertise and market insights.

With the absence of predefined limitations, traders can explore various trading styles, whether it's day trading, swing trading, scalping, or any other approach that resonates with their skills. They can experiment, innovate, and refine their strategies over time, adapting to market dynamics and honing their techniques for optimal results.

This open environment empowers traders to explore diverse markets, adapt to changing trends, and potentially capitalize on emerging opportunities. By enabling traders to define their trading path, the platform promotes a dynamic and personalized trading experience that aligns with their goals and strengths.

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Instant Funding

The instant funding option provided by The5%ers presents a distinct advantage for traders seeking to expedite their trading journey. This unique offering allows traders to bypass the traditional evaluation process, enabling them to commence earning potential right from the outset. By eliminating the waiting period, traders can immediately apply their skills and strategies to the live trading environment.

This not only accelerates their progress but also grants them the opportunity to swiftly capitalize on favourable market conditions. With a focus on responsible risk management through specific profit and loss guidelines, this instant funding program empowers traders to showcase their expertise and capitalize on market opportunities without unnecessary delays.

The5%ers Pay-out Proof

Verifiable evidence of payments can also be discovered on their YouTube channel, featured within select videos showcasing interviews with their traders. As an illustration, payment validations are presented in the subsequent pair of videos, offering visual and auditory insights into the compensation process.




Which brokers do The5%ers use?

The5%ers opt for unconventional broker labels, opting instead to engage directly with a commercial Liquidity Provider that grants them unrestricted Direct Market Access. The execution of The5%ers' trading endeavors is facilitated via the STP Market Execution, skillfully navigated through their brokerage. A meticulously designed ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure has been seamlessly integrated into their platform, featuring a round-trip commission of $4 per lot (equivalent to 0.4 pips). The trading landscape for EUR/USD showcases a spread variance spanning from 0.1 to 0.5 pips. In terms of trading interfaces, The5%ers extend the flexibility to trade on the MetaTrader 5 platform.

Top 5 The5%ers Customer Reviews

Customer support is great
I made a purchase and had issues by completing the payment, customer support(Charlie) spend lots of time helping me getting it done. I really appreciate the customer support even in discord they always reply and help out asap. I am excited starting my challenge and once passing and having payouts I will update my review.
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The Scheck Family
Experienced Trader

My experience with bespoke funding program
I has been 4months since i'm funded with bespoke, i can truly say that i haven't experienced any issue. The spreads are great, the slippage are minimal. My payouts have been always processed in time, no delays. The support is both great and fast, whatever issue i had , they solved it very fast. They give value to their clients. I would absolutely recommend this firm to any trader who aspire to become funded.
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Med Jalil
Experienced Trader

Being a newbie to BFP I had a lot of questions to ask and Charlie was very patient and polite with me, offering me suggestions as to how I could get what I was looking for. His suggestions worked and I was extremely pleased. Thank you BFP for such wonderful service. They definitely do reply immediately.
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Robina Chombe
‍Experienced Trader

The best prop firm out there IMO
Great prices, perfect spreads, great customer service and support, they even close out your trades for you once you hit the profit target so you don’t need to worry about setting your TP in the correct place then miss it but a few pips because you worked it out incorrectly
I don’t have a bad word to say and they also allow you to purchase the highest amount of funding (2M)
If you haven’t already looked into them you are missing out
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Daz Smith
‍Experienced Trader

Challenges to funded experience
My personal experience going through the challenges to the funded account. Everything was running smooth and within time until i got funded. After signing the DEEL contract it took 2 days to get my funded account. Other than that, Smooth.
I'll be back posting on payout process
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‍‍Experienced Trader

Trading Fees

Assets Fee Terms
Forex 4 USD / LOT
Commodities 0 USD / LOT
Indices 0 USD / LOT
Crypto 0 USD / LOT


In summary, The5%ers stands as a legitimate proprietary trading institution, extending traders the opportunity to select from three distinct funding programs: Instant Funding, the High-Stake Challenge, and the Bootcamp Challenge.

Within the realm of instant funding programs, traders are mandated to achieve a 10% profit target while upholding the 6% maximum loss constraint. Vigilance towards the 3% daily pause rule is advised to prevent overtrading. Attainment of profit targets leads to a twofold increase in a trader's account balance. Subsequently, traders gain the prerogative to progressively amplify their account size by achieving consecutive 10% profit targets, with an upper limit of $4,000,000. Trading day requirements are not imposed for completing level 1 or other qualifying levels for scaling.

The high-stake challenge presents a conventional two-phase evaluation structure, necessitating triumph in both phases before earning funding eligibility and profit share entitlements. The5%ers necessitate the accomplishment of 8% profit in the first phase and 5% in the second phase prior to fund allocation. These objectives are pragmatic, guided by a 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss directive. Participants in the high-stake challenge can reap profit splits ranging from 80% to 100%, alongside an extra monthly stipend upon reaching specific scaling tiers.

In the case of the Bootcamp funding program, aspirants must navigate through three demo stages before advancing to live trading phases. This progression allows for profit share accrual and further account scaling. Upon reaching a 5% profit target, traders can withdraw profits, simultaneously elevating their account balance to as high as $4,000,000. Notably, the Bootcamp funding program imposes no minimum or maximum trading day requisites.

For those seeking a prop firm with transparent regulations, The5%ers comes highly recommended. This well-established proprietary trading entity offers advantageous conditions for a diverse range of traders with distinct styles. Considering the comprehensive offerings of The5%ers, it is undoubtedly positioned as a frontrunner among industry-leading prop firms.

Please note that the information in this review was last updated on August 20th, 2023, at 07:54.

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